Commit 5552f168 authored by arnaud.marcoux's avatar arnaud.marcoux Committed by Mauricio Diaz

Add test for pet-surface pipeline

parent 1610a0b5
......@@ -178,4 +178,14 @@ def test_StatisticsSurface():
\ No newline at end of file
def test_PETSurface(tmpdir):
from clinica.pipelines.pet_surface.pet_surface_pipeline import PetSurface
from s.path import dirname, join, abspath
root= dirname(abspath(__file__))
pipeline = PetSurface(bids_directory=join(root, 'data', 'in', 'bids'),
caps_directory=join(root, 'data', 'in', 'caps_pet_volume'),
tsv_file=join(root, 'data', 'in', 'subject_pet_surface.tsv'))
pipeline.parameters['pet_type'] = 'fdg'
pipeline.parameters['working_directory'] = str(tmpdir)
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