Commit 75a48112 authored by arnaud.marcoux's avatar arnaud.marcoux

Correct typo that prevented t1-volume-new-template to run

parent 87c5cc3e
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......@@ -325,7 +325,7 @@ class T1VolumeNewTemplate(cpe.Pipeline):
import nipype.pipeline.engine as npe
import nipype.interfaces.utility as nutil
import clinica.pipelines.t1_volume_tissue_segmentation.t1_volume_tissue_segmentation_utils as seg_utils
import clinica.pipelines.t1_volume_create_dartel.t1_volume_create_darte_utils as dartel_utils
import clinica.pipelines.t1_volume_create_dartel.t1_volume_create_dartel_utils as dartel_utils
import clinica.pipelines.t1_volume_dartel2mni.t1_volume_dartel2mni_utils as dartel2mni_utils
from import unzip_nii
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