Commit 9f03bc4b authored by Jorge Samper Gonzalez's avatar Jorge Samper Gonzalez

corrected bug in apply_best_parameter in RandomForest

parent 5b3e158f
Pipeline #769 passed with stages
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......@@ -533,9 +533,9 @@ class RandomForest(base.MLAlgorithm):
if result_feat is None:
max_features = 1.0
elif result_feat in ["auto", "sqrt"]:
max_features = np.sqrt(n_features)
max_features = np.sqrt(n_features) / n_features
elif result_feat == "log2":
max_features = np.log2(n_features)
max_features = np.log2(n_features) / n_features
elif isinstance(result_feat, int):
max_features = float(result_feat) / n_features
elif isinstance(result_feat, float):
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